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Gojek Like multiservice app development features include online & offline payment, online tracking on map Guide For An Optimized Gojek Like Clone App Development Service !

GoJek clone is an exclusive app that comprises multiple on-demand services in it. It eliminates the need for downloading a single app for each on-demand service required. As we know, the reason people go for an app like the Gojek clone is that it has everything that they would need in one roof. From health to food, Gojek Like to chat, the Gojek clone accommodates it all with Gojek Like app source code.

Gojek clone offers the entrepreneurs to make sudden changes according to the requirement and it also offers multiple services in a single application. The Gojek Like clone app development process involves:

Collection of business requirements.

In-depth market analysis.

Fixing a set of features.

Deciding on the technology stack.

App development process.

Tsting app for any bugs or glitches.

App launch on multiple platforms.

Technical assistance and maintenance.

Why to choose a GoJek Like clone app?

It is a very well-known fact that clone apps are affordable, advanced, more user-friendly, less time-consuming, require lower resources, and feature-rich when compared to an app developed from scratch. We offer the Most advance and easy user handle interface at a very low cost and provide effective services as per requirement. These are a few crucial factors that make the aspiring business persons go with the Gojek Like app development service.

Few Reason To Choose Gojek Clone Like App

It provides a multi-service platform in a single app.

It understands the local market

It enables the perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Management is Humble, quick response and support

Features of a GoJek Like app:

Signup using social media accounts- users and service providers can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts effortlessly.

Multilingual app solution- the clone app can be viewed in any language available in the app. App language can be chosen during registration or by navigating to the settings page.

Live tracking system- this app will allow the user and the service provider to track each other’s location.

Appointment Scheduling- users can schedule service appointments for later use by mentioning the date, time, and location.

User panel - users can find all the information they need from this panel

Admin panel - admins can manage the entirety of the operation from here

Fare estimate - Users can get an accurate fair estimation of the services availed

Manage orders - users can get all information and also manage their current orders from here

App notifications- updates or notifications are sent via emails, SMS, and push notifications.

Safe payment gateways- multiple secure payment methods are available in the app.

Cancellation - users can also cancel all service when they want - a small fee might be charged.

Ratings - service provider and the user can rate each other out of 5 and specify necessary feedback .

Get ready-made Gojek Like Clone App development and start an on-demand Multiple Service from today itself. Gojek is a user-friendly app that allows the user to manipulate the services as per requirement through the Source code of Gojek clone like app. We provide a secure admin dashboard under the Gojek like app development services. Our services are fast, simple,user-oriented, complete support to the user and secure the data .

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Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021
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