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Swiggy Clone Food Ordering App script features include online & offline payment, online tracking on map A2Z TECHNOLOGY | Swiggy Clone Food Ordering App

In today’s world more and more humans are ordering food online rather than cooking in their home. This is the reason that platform like swiggy is becoming more famous day by day. Swiggy is one of USA's largest and most valuable and popular online food ordering and delivery platform which allow people to get their favorite dish delivered at their doorstep at a single click. Swiggy also provides multiple jobs to the people. with the use of Swiggy, the life of people has now become very relaxing in terms of getting their desired food. Swiggy is among USA's favorite platform of food ordering.

It has now become such famous and popular that it has spread their hands in approx each and every state of USA. Swiggy clone script is a powerful user-friendly platform for online food ordering and a convenient path for the users to order their desired food from the registered and authentic restaurants and get their food at the doorsteps. Get your complete Swiggy app clone script with on-demand features installed in it at a reasonable price.

We develop swiggy clone app for both the platform,i.e. Android and IOS apps at a reasonable cost. We build swiggy clone which is having several features such as finding the nearby restaurants, add to cart, real-time tracking, secure payments, contact the food delivery person, fully customizable, and multiple on demand features. Here you will get complete swiggy Clone Script for your Business at a single place at a reasonable cost. Swiggy clone app script is best on demand Food Ordering app script. If you are looking for a good Food application then A2Z Technology is the best place for your Swiggy clone app development.

Features Of Swiggy Clone App For The Users

Finding the Nearby Restaurants

With the help of GPS, users can easily search for nearby restaurants based on their current location which further helps users to search and find their favorite restaurants at nearby locations.

Add to Cart

Users can select food from the menu of their favorite restaurant and add them according to their choice to the cart. They can also make changes and modify the cart anytime before moving to the payment section.


Using customer dashboard users can keep track order history lists of all the completed, canceled, and future deliveries made on the platform.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can track the status of their ordered food in real-time using the in-built GPS module.


According to the user's convenience, payment of the ordered food consist of several secured online payment gateway.

E-mail & SMS notifications

Users receive their food order status and delivery message via E-mail and SMS alert.

Besides these all feature we also provide multiple on demand features like reviews, social media sign up, create a profile, table booking, and pre-order in food ordering app like swiggy.

How Does Swiggy Clone App Work?

Food delivery app like swiggy works to deliver the food easily to your doorstep. This consists of multiple steps that work one after another in an efficient way. First of all, it will find all the nearest restaurants based on the location and category. Then after users can add food from menus to cart then checkout and pay further online. This system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest driver then after driver will accept the request and then go for pickup to the restaurants. Meanwhile, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order. The driver will then arrives at the restaurant to pick up the order and will deliver that food to the ordered location.

We are a global technology services company which is known for world-class clone app development services like swiggy like app development services with quick response and support to the customers. Don’t waste time too much….its never too late to start up your business. Be a part of the change and get your food delivey aap like swiggy at a reasonable cost.

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Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021
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