Taxi Dispatch Software For Taxi Booking Business

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  • Taxi dispatcher softwre app script by a2zTechnologies Technologies
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We are the best Taxi dispatcher app provider for Android & iOS. Taxi Dispatch Software For Taxi Booking Business. | A2Z Technology

Taxi business is a developing business in today’s world. Taxi dispatch software has granted a feeling of effortlessness into the arrangement of flagging down the taxis that the online taxi business is experiencing an all-time boom in recent times

The Complete Solution

Our Taxi dispatcher software is not a just script, it's complete solution, we understand a hardle of a Taxi dispatcher Company and know very well, so we have developed complete solution and coverd all aspect.

Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid,, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021

We are the best taxi dispatcher app development service provider for Android & iOS. FAQ - Taxi Dispatch Software For Taxi Booking Business

  • What is Taxi dispatcher app?
    Taxi dispatcher app is app like Uber designed & developed by A2Z Technology Technologies. It has almost all the features of standared Taxi dispatcher app like Uber.
  • How does Taxi dispatcher app work ?
    Taxi dispatcher app working is based on Google map. Using google map, User can request a ride & the system can search the nearby drivers registered with the system.
  • Can I start an Online Taxi dispatcher business using this app ?
    Yes, You can start your App based online Taxi dispatcher business using app developed by A2Z Technology Technologies.
  • What's your relation with Uber ?
    We are no way related to the uber. We are using Name Uber just for illustration purpose because we have used simillar features in our app as features used in Uber.
  • Is it true that this app is copyright of Uber ??
    No, This app is not a copyright of Uber. This app has almost all features of Uber app & thease apps have full ownership of A2Z Technology Technologies.
  • How can I get this app ?
    Please contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at or contact us on whatsapp/call: +1-(705) 413-3209
  • Do you provide Android, iOS, Admin panel etc ? What's included in the package ?
    Yes we provide Android app, iOS app, Admin panel, Dispather panel, CMS panel, CRM panel, Vendor Panel, User & driver panel/ all web panels are included in the package.
  • Do you provide customization service or add-on features, Design changes etc ??
    Yes, we provide customization of app, It's features & Design changes.
  • What is the price of Taxi dispatcher app ??
    We provide apps on compatitive price. Final price estimation is based on the features applicable, Add-on features, customization but we try our best to provide the app at minimal price.
  • Do you provide support service after deplyment of the app ?
    Yes we provide support service for the apps provided.
  • I have some quiry / Question related to this app or to buy this app, How can I reach you ?
    You can reach us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at or contact us on whatsapp/call: +1-(705) 413-3209 or by filling a small form on this page or contact up page.

Technologies Used & Features

  • What are the various technologies, API Tools used to develop thease apps ?
    We have used varius technologies & API Mentioned below: Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7 NodeJS with HTML CSS JavaScript as frontend JAVA, SWIFT, XML, XCODE Android studio JWT for Authentication Package MySQL Database Mailgun for mail config Google Map Places API Google Static Map API Stripe payment gateway Paypal Payment Gateway Facebook Account kit for OTP verification & Many more other tools & technologies, API..
  • What are the signup /Signin Method used for user app ?
    You can signup/Signin Using Email/contact no. & Social media like Facebook & Google.
  • Does it support OTP varification for signup/signin ?
    Yes, It supports OTP Varification for better security.
  • Does your apps support Push notification for various activities ?
    Yes, user/Driver can receive real time Notifications/ Push notifications.
  • Does it has Rental, Outstation, pool/Share features apart from dispatch feature ?
    Yes, It has the feature of Rental, Outstation & Pool or share features including taxi dispatcher feature.
  • What are the payment options available for the user to book a cab /Ride ?
    We provide some standared payment gateways like Paypal & Stripe, It supports Cash payment also. You may requst us to add the payment gateway of your choice.
  • Does It supports Refferal for users & drivers
    Yes it supports Refferal. Users/Drivers may refer to friends/ Family & get some reward in terms of Cahback or coupon.
  • Does It supports Inbuilt wallet feature ?
    Yes it has wallet features & having some limitaions as per the law of the country it has to be used.
  • My question/ Query is not mentioned in the list here, How can I contact to get those answers ?
    You can contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at or contact us on whatsapp/call: +1-(705) 413-3209 or by filling a small form on this page or contact up page.We are happy to help you to answer your quiries.

Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid,, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021

Read all about Uber like taxi dispatch app development or Script All about Taxi Dispatch Software For Taxi Booking Business

The conventional taxi businesses are confronting extreme rivalry from the online taxi businesses which are driving many of the former into closing down the business. Uber and Uber and Ola are probably equivalent to the online taxi business these days. There perfectly showcase the benefit and the acknowledgment of the e-hailing taxi culture, especially among the millennial.

Having said as much, the best taxi dispatch software can be very costly and can beg to be spent.

Is it worth the venture? Can the taxi dispatch software be a boon for your taxi business? Let us contemplate the answer based on the following factors.

Quick Dispatch Of Taxis

Taxi manual dispatch software frequently prompts disarray and blunder which emerges because of the wastefulness of the people running the business. This can raise a ton of ruckus for both the drivers and the travelers. More frequently than any other time in recent memory, the area of the passenger and his contact details are mistakenly given to the drivers and cause inconvenience to both drivers just as passengers.

The person keeping an eye on the operations would likewise be in haywire, managing each one of those hundred thousand calls each day.

Online taxi dispatch software tackles this issue in a consistent way. The passenger himself can flag down the taxi from his mobile application which reads the area with an accuracy up to a couple of meters. The driver will get the request and may accept it or drop it. The passenger will likewise have the alternative of dropping the ride just as rescheduling it.

Customer Satisfaction

White label taxi dispatch software has a designated mobile application for the passenger. He can book the taxi, share the area, contact the driver, and have the evaluated time of appearance known from the application. He can likewise become more acquainted with the current location of the cab with the real-time tracking feature.

When the passenger provides the pickup and drops location in the app before taking a ride, the software has a predefined fare calculation feature so that he can know how much the ride would cost him before getting into the taxi.

Employee Management

As an entrepreneur, you would just need to discover experienced and well-mannered drivers for your business. The passengers would have the option to rate the experience of the ride and you can monitor the performance of every one of your workers from your office.


The Taxi dispatch system is a cloud-based business solution and the investment is worth the price. The product is highly responsive and runs on tablets, PCs just as cell phones.

So as to wipe out any space for contention between the driver and the travelers, later on, predefined charges are set and after creating the receipt toward the finish of the excursion, the fare is paid to the driver based on the distance traveled.

If you want to start your taxi booking business then you can start it by using our latest multifunctional taxi dispatch software available for you.

Take a live Taxi manual dispatch system demo today and try out all the features before you take the plunge and invest in the software.

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