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Love A2Z Technology | Terms and Condition

We urge you to go through the A2Z Technology Terms and Conditions in order to know what services to expect from us once you sign the dotted line!

Moving forward, in this document, the client will be referred to as ‘the client’, while A2Z Technology technologies will be referred to as ‘the Company’.

On signing any contract for app development or digital marketing, the Client agrees to:

  • Give the Company, all pertinent documents required to complete the project, within a reasonable timeframe.
  • • Review work, provide relevant feedback, and sign off on approvals within reasonable timeframes.
  • • Adhere to given deadlines
  • • Adhere to payment schedules, as outlined by the Company.
  • • Identify confidential material by marking emails or other communication with the word ‘confidential’.
  • • Provide a notice of 15 days while cancelling any contract.
  • • Absolve the Company of any losses incurred due to website functionality or scripting.
  • • Allow the Company to retain the copyright to work provided to the Client.
  • • Provide the Company with copyright free materials such as images or videos, if required. The Company holds its right to refuse using copyrighted materials in development.
  • • Absolve the Company of any financial losses incurred by the client due to failure to meet deadlines.
  • • Absolve the company of any liability in disputes or legal issues incurred by the client.
  • • Provide relevant feedback within a period of 7 days. If the client wishes to reject work within the 7 day period, the Company reserves its right to treat it as the end of the contract if the rejection of work has occurred over unreasonable issues.
  • • Reimburse the company for expenses incurred during the purchase of templates, third party software, stock photographs, fonts, domain name registration, web hosting or comparable expenses.
  • • Maintain backups as the Company will not be liable to restore data in the event of losses.
  • Similarly, the Company Agrees to

  • • Adhere to deadlines provided by the client.
  • • Carry out services in a professional manner.
  • • Make a reasonable amount of revisions the final product until the Client is satisfied, or both parties agree to end the revisions process
  • • Complete revisions within 48 hours.
  • • Offer updated solutions for any work required by the Client.
  • • Offer website support and maintenance services, if required.
  • • Reserve the right to subcontract any services as the Company sees fit.
  • • Identify proper payment schedules before work begins.
  • Additionally, the Company reserves the right to:

  • • Charge the client up to 85% of the total web development costs, if the client has agreed to all design concepts but cancels the websites right before it goes live. The scale of the charge will depend on the work done.
  • • Backdate underpayments and missed payments to the timeline when the same was discovered. The onus to bring the accounts up to date will be on the client.

By agreeing to the A2Z Technology technologies terms and conditions, you will be liable to them all. This is why it is vital for you to read the A2Z Technology technologies terms and conditions when signing a contract for app development, website development, or digital marketing.

Now that you have gone through the A2Z Technology technologies terms and conditions, you should go ahead and sign a contract with us! We offer a range of services, including app development for android and iOS, uber clone app development, on-demand app development, and digital marketing solutions. This means we not only build your app, but also promote it to the right target audience through our digital marketing efforts! Get in touch with us today for these services!

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