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  • A2Z Technologyas a best App development company for Uber clone for X Like App provider.
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We are the best Uber for X using uber clone app provider in the world.Uber for X using Uber Clone

For any sort of business, you are going to begin presently you get your own Uber clone for X like app that runs on android and iOS platforms that can be customized easily as per your requirements and demand. Uber for X means Uber like app can be used for any kind of service like taxi booking, ubereats like delivery service, on demand services. This app can be updated and upgraded from time to time, The best services and maintenance provided for your services are only and only from the one who can satisfy you and full fill your requirements is A2Z Technology the best in the market to gives you best to serve you best with Uber clone app. Best known On-demand services provider company in the market.

Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021

Read about what is uber for X, it is using uber like app for any service. Uber for X -What is it ?

If you are going to start your own app based new business you have to think about the requirements needed for your business in the current time. Like you have to go with this super-fast changeable digital world, You have to change with this digitization and for the same, you have to get an online mobile/desktop application so that your customers could contact you from anywhere or at the edge from where you can serve them possibly. It makes a connection between you and your customers. The services are going quickly increasingly then they are normal. Number of peoples are got connected to you. Peoples are happy to use these services at home. They can do what they want without moving from a point. For example takes a look at any app using Uber For X like Uber clone forTaxi booking, Ubereats clone for Food delivery, Uber clone forGrocery Delivery.

Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021

Read the features of Uber Like App to chhose the feature for your app.Features of Uber Like app


Uber taxi clone requires an industrious procedure. Mentioning for the specific assignment, validation, and so on are overseen in this module.


The central functionality of Uber like software development is to offer assistance legitimately at the client's selected location.

Geo-Tracking Services

The joining of GPS based area administration is one of the significant features of Uber for X clone app development. Tracking services can bolt the current zone of customers and quickly bring the nearest results.


To show explicit point-by-point directions on the guide that is in the application, iOS developers of On Demand applications use MapKit. The primary recorded the application as a routing application, which at that point conveys the headings accessible to the planning programming and Maps application in the client's device.


Pop-up messages in the specialist association and customer campaign ensures clarity for all the collaborators.


Payment incorporation render cognizant and smooth Payment utilizing debit cards, credit cards, and net banking, with proper bookkeeping.

Referral System

Our Uber clone script has a referral framework where the client can without much of a stretch allude this application to their companions and relatives.

Book Now or Schedule

You can immediately book the request/Services, or Schedule it as demonstrated by your time.

Easy Customization

Our Uber for X app is easy to customize according to your business requirements.

Geo-Tracking Services

The joining of GPS based area administration is one of the significant features of Uber clone software development. Tracking services can bolt the current zone of customers and quickly bring the nearest results.

Reviews from Other Clients

The entire explanation that made applications like Uber increase a viral fan following was that of its survey framework. Clients ought to have the option to review the service and share their experiences with different clients.

Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021

Uber for X solutions are the best to start your app based online business.Uber For X Solutions : Apps

Transportation & Logistics

Uber For Courier and Cargo Delivery

On-demand cargo delivery applications and Courier delivery app are highly in demand these days. Uber For Cargo Delivery will rule the market, as they associate customers with various specialist co-ops. Utilizing load applications is extremely simple, much the same as booking a taxi, bike taxi booking, or private car.

Uber For Airport Taxi

Rushing to the air airport on schedule while exploring through overwhelming traffic is distressing. Furthermore, simultaneously, heading out the home or to the inn after a long flight is a challenging task. Like on-demand taxi booking, airport taxi service provides reliability, solace, and accommodation to its travelers.

Food and Grocery Delivery

Uber clone Grocery Delivery

Launch your on demand grocery delivery app for grocery items. Start your own on demand Grocery Shopping Service application for your business. In this way, develop your business online by Uber clone Grocery Delivery application development organization and join a piece of on Demand Economy Market. We help you to make your business on the air.

Ubereats clone Food Delivery

With the development of on-demand innovation, people are looking for mobile applications for each work to be finished. With an immense number of young professionals in large urban areas, people have no time to prepare food. Here comes Ubereats clone Food Delivery Apps to make the activity too simple everywhere throughout the world.

Home Services

Uber For Lawn Mowing

Removing snow from the lawn or essentially clearing the garage can be a truly testing and tedious assignment. A2Z Technology offers for those new businesses and business visionaries who are intending to create Uber For Lawn Mowing including a grass care planning application for lawn mowing.

Uber For Maids Service

Uber For Maids Service solutions in A2Z Technology depends on your needs. They have been worked by experienced application designers utilizing the best technologies of present-day techniques. The applications made by us will demonstrate 100% receptive to you. It works effectively on a wide range of keen gadgets that sudden spike in demand for various working frameworks.

Hospital & Medical Consultation

Uber clone for Pharmacy delivery

A2Z Technology has a ready to launch application development solutions which have a standard set of features and functionalities required for a Uber clone For Pharmacy application. We can launch the application for you to keep similar features or, else it can also be customized as per the business requirements.

Uber For Doctor on demand

Like each other service, medical expertise is also developing as a basic thing in the on-demand market these days. Build up the best Uber For Doctor on-demand clone application and bring the doctors to register on your application. In the long run, you can acquire commissions for every single appointment made through the application.

Beauty & Wellness

Uber clone for Fitness Trainer

Uber clone For Fitness Trainer can assist with finding the best fitness trainers near you. Our workout plans are intended to assist you with arriving at your wellness objectives quicker and less complex. With this application, anyone will be able to work out with guaranteed wellbeing and health specialists and be inspired to accomplish their objectives.

Uber For Spa service

Regardless of if a salon/spa operates on a little or huge scope, without a proficient mobile application solution, it can't ordain its course towards progress. By launching your own Uber For Spa application, you can engage your benefactors to schedule appointments, deal with the staff better, and handle an influx of customers at the same time.

Travel & Tourism

Uber For Tour Guide

Uber For Tour Guide is one extravagance office that we pass on to you which is only a tap away. Without a doubt, you read a completely fine mobile application that permits you to focus on or pick an objective of your choice and set a date. This once done, a guide would then have the option to be designated from the various groups that are featured.

Uber For Travel Agent

Uber For Travel Agent application for the travel company helps with elevating their items to the planned intrigue bunch with the most proper needs of the customer. An application is valuable if the customer is paying a special mind to the most economical decisions available.

Advantage of Uber For X Clone

Uber For X Clone allows you to see live locations of nearby service providers. It has a database of information about all the service providers listed with the app. You can book the services you need for immediate delivery or schedule it for the near future, Our Uber for X software provides advanced filters based on distance, service provided, and customer budgets. You can repeat bookings and weekly scheduling as per your needs, Users can choose between various payment modes and add in their promo codes for additional discounts. Additional hours of service can also be included, Users are now allowed to chat with their on-demand service providers and inform them of specific details of the job booked. Uber clone app designed such that it can be customized in accordance with any business niche.

We already serve lots of our clients from America, USA, Brazil, and other countries with their requirements and with their full satisfaction.

Uber For On-Demand Services Apps Development

If you want to start your Uber for On-demand services business instantly get on-demand Uber For X App now from us. We have Uber clone software that ensures we’ll give you our product that is fully customizable according to your requirements. We deliver On-demand service apps to you within a very little time under the 24 hours. Our developer team works 24 hours to give you our best.

So you just tell us what type of business you want to start and we enhance it for you as your own Uber for On-demand services for your business loaded with multiple functions and operations.

A2Z Technology Uber for X clone is an absolute ready-made solution for the entrepreneurs to launch their next generation Uber for services application within a short period of time. This exceptional Uber clone script is completely empowered with forward-looking features which helps them to create a unique place in this service industry rapidly. Our Uber like app is at a very reasonable cost. We are happy to see you with our services to fire up your business.

Ubereats clone has web panel to manage the service like food, delivery, on demand service. Uber clone - for taxi Like App. | Web Panel

Uber clone app features includes Admin panel for the owner of the app booking service provider.

Admin Dashboard

Uber Clone features includes accountant dashboard to manage the payment & funds of users & service providers

Accountant Dashboard

Uber for X features includes Support dashboard to provide support executive an ease of handling customers.

Support Dashboard

Uber clone script features includes Vendor dashboard to manage your service vendors & their users.

Vendor Dashboard

Uber like booking app features includes CRM dashboard to manage quiries of your customer & client.

CRM Dashboard

Uber clone features includes CMS dashboard to manage your user & service provider.

CMS Dashboard

Uber clone app demo to decide the app features for your business or client. Uber clone - App Demo

User App

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Driver App

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User App

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Driver App

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User Panel | Web

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Driver Panel | Web

vj@gmail.com | 123456

Admin Panel | Web

admin@gmail.com | 123456

CMS Panel | Web

cms@gmail.com | 123456

CRM Panel | Web

crm@gmail.com | 123456

Accounts Panel | Web

account@gmail.com | 123456

Vendor Panel | Web

john.fast@gmail.com | 123456

Support Panel | Web

support@gmail.com | 123456

Dispatcher Panel | Web

dispatcher@gmail.com | 123456
Latest Release ▶ Advanced and Modern Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, Grind, Hinge ▶ 5th May, 2021

Our uber clone script has android, iOS app to start your business. FAQ - Uber Clone - Uber for X

  • What is uber for X?
    Uber for X is the uber like clone app designed & developed to fulfill the need of varius services like taxi booking, food delivery, on demand services etc
  • How does Uber clone work ?
    Uber clone working is based on Google map. Using google map, User can request a service like taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery etc and system can search the nearby service provider registered with the system to show and book them.
  • Can I start an Online business using Uber clone?
    Yes, You can start your App based online business using Uber clone for X developed by A2Z Technology Technologies.
  • Do you provide Android, iOS, Admin panel etc ? What is included in the package of Uber for X clone?
    Yes we provide Android app, iOS app, Admin panel, Dispather panel, CMS panel, CRM panel, Vendor Panel, User and service provider panel. All panels are included in the Uber clone package.
  • What is the price of Uber clone app ?
    No, This Uber clone app is not a copyright of Uber. This app has almost all features of Uber app & thease apps have full ownership of A2Z Technology Technologies.
  • How can I get Uber like app to start my business ?
    Please contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at a2ztechnology20@gmail.com or contact us on whatsapp/call: +1-(705) 413-3209
  • Do you provide Android, iOS, Admin panel etc ? What's included in the package of Uber clone?
    Yes we provide Android app, iOS app, Admin panel, Dispather panel, CMS panel, CRM panel, Vendor Panel, User & driver panel/ all web panels are included in the Uber clone package.
  • What is the price of Uber like taxi booking app ?
    We provide apps on compatitive price. Final price estimation is based on the features provided as per your request of customization after going through the demo.

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